Domain Names – Hiding your personal details & avoiding SPAM

One of my pet hates is that when you register your new domain name, you’ll start receiving huge volumes of spam within hours!

When you first register a domain name you will provide your personal or business details to the registering body (either ICANN or Nominet for UK domains).   Once your details are registered, these are then publicly available via the database – for anyone and everyone to see!

These details include your name, address, phone number and e-mail.  This leads to nuisance calls and e-mails from sales people, or worse, your details being used for fraud or identify theft.  If you are a business, then this is less of an issue and you’ll be using your business contact details, and this is a requirement of the domain registration.  If however you’re an individual, the last thing you want is your personal details ready for anyone to harvest.

Depending on whether you have a or .com address decides on how you can protect your personal information. Domain Privacy

For UK domain names there is a free service to protect your details if you are registering your domain names as an individual rather than as a business.   When registering your domain (or you should be able to access these details afterwards from the company you bought the domain), you need to set the “Legal Type of Registrant Contract” to either “Non UK Individual” or “UK Individual” depending whether you’re within the UK or not.

This should only be done if you are not a business however, otherwise your domain name may be suspended.  Likewise, if your personal domain is used for business reasons in the future, be sure to update this.

.com / TLD (Top Level Domain) WHOIS Privacy

For TLD’s (including .com) then it is a chargeable service and you will be paying for a “ Privacy Service).  This means that when a search is completed for your domain, the contact details of your privacy provider is supplied rather than your own.  This is a service that most domain sellers offer.

This is a service that this blogs hosts also offer, see our page on TSOHOST for more information.

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