IP Ratings – What do they mean?

The IP rating of a product is often listed in a format such as “IP67”, but often what this actually means can be ambiguous.

The first number is the level of protection against solids, the second number is the level of protection against liquids.  Taking the example above, IP67 would mean that the item is dust tight and resistant to temporary submersion in water.

Below shows each rating and what this means.

Solids ProtectionSize of ParticuleLiquid ProtectionVolume of Water
0No Protection0No protection
1>50mm1Water drops
2>12.5mm2Water drops at 15 degree angle
3>2.5mm3Water spray at 60 Degree Angle
4>1.0mm4Water splashing at any angle
5Dust Protected5Water jets at any angle
6Dust Proof6Powerful water jets and heavy seas
7Temporary submersion in water (30 minutes at 3 feet)
8Permanent submersion (Up to 13 feet)

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